Fairfax County presents transportation funding options

As state support for local transportation begins to dry up – the county is turning to alternative forms of funding to make up for lost revenue.

Data Source: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/fcdot/cdot/funding/rankings.htm
* Indicates that the funding source is from HB3203, and can only be approved by the General Assembly

Included in these options are revenue sources from a General Assembly bill passed in 2007, called HB3202. The bill provided regional entities (such as the Northern Virginia Transportation Authortiy), the power to levy taxes and fees on residents within the entity’s organization. The bill was later struck down by the Virginia Supreme Court, citing that the General Assembly did not have the power to delegate its taxing power to different bodies.

Fairfax County listed some of the fees and taxes that would have been enacted under HB3202. These revenue sources can only be approved by the General Assembly.

The county webpage also categorizes the different funding options by household impact, however, there are no dollar values for how the HB3202 provisions would impact households.